Friday, 13 September 2013

MTV World Stage Live Malaysia 2013

Boys and girls....

I guess ya'all know what I'm gonna post here.. Those of you who attended the concert, I'm sure you had a pretty good time. It was a great concert and something I'd always look forward to every year.

Well, here's the scoop of what happened on the 8th September last Sunday. Crazy and awesome acts like EXO, Joe Flizzow, Far East Movement anddddd sexy Robin Thicke all performed epicly. No matter rain or shine, we danced and sing along to them. Fans all loved them and we hope to see them coming back to Malaysia again sometime soon. :)

VJ Alan and VJ Hanli + the first ever MTV World Stage Insider, Matt did amazingly hosting the event and I guess it will be something they will never forget for the rest of their life. Nonetheless, I just can't wait for the next World Stage next year and we hope MTV bring more awesome acts! :D
Closing on, here's some pictures from that day. Enjoy your day peeps!! ;)

Fans queuing early! 

Something I just gotta do. :D

Just before everything started. :p

The boys, EXO.

Far East Movement <3

Robin Thicke :3 -credits to Irlene-

A night we won't forget.... Peace out! ;D

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