Wednesday, 18 July 2012

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012

Hey ya'all!!!
Yes, my sisters (Joanne & Irlene) and i got to go for the MTV World Stage 2012 at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon this year. (AGAIN!) :p Well, as we all know the lineup for this year were Mizz Nina, Korean gurls - KARA, Korean-American - Jay Park AND the one and only, Justin Bieber. JUSTIN BIEBER!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA XD

Btw, we were kinda like sunbathing for a few hours.. Since they had to choose to opened the gates at 3.30pm and the concert only started at 6.30pm+, the wait was a lil gruesome. Okay, ALOT actually. Sis Jo almost felt ill but luckily she's okay. HEHE. Oh, Irlene was somewhere somehow not with us that day. She was with some*ehemehem*one*coughcough*else. :p Here's a picture while we were waiting for it to start.....

Ofcourse my sis, Jo and i were there for Justin. We became a Belieber for a day too! (though, this few days we kinda still humming to his songs XD). We even bought each of us a tag+badge of him for 10 bucks.. Belieber much... :D 

And *dum-dum-dum-dummmm* {dramatic effect} ............OUT FROM NOWHERE, JUSTIN BIEBER POP OUT!! @.@ And everybody SCREAMMMMSSSS!!!! (okay, maybe not everybody since most of the guys there hates him LOL)
Pictures, pictures...... :]

 Dancers and background singers getting ready.

 Baby, baby,  baby ohhhhh......

 Just finished performing his 'All Around the World'.

Performing one of his newest hits, 'As Long As You Love Me'.

Okay, there's still more pictures where he did acoustic performances 'Die In Your Arms', 'Be Alright' and 'One Time'. Here you go..... :)

Lastly, he ends it with two songs 'Never Say Never' and 'Boyfriend'. :D (well, the pictures are more blur due to my ignorance to snap it nicely. HEEEE.)

And so it ended just like that. Was hoping there's more..but oh well, this is Justin BIEBER we're talking about... It was well worth it to wait since i got to see his face so so soooo clearly. ;) #ICanOfficiallySayISeeTheBieber

As others performed (KARA, Mizz Nina & Jay Park), we slowly lost all our energy and had backache like hell! >.< But overall, IT WAS AWESOME! Here's the our-ugly-sweaty-self picture. ;]

Left: MEEE!! Right: Jo-N


*Sorry for the all-not-pretty pictures cos i was busy jumping and singing along. TEHEEEEE..... :)
**And also sorry that there's no pictures of KARA, Mizz Nina & Jay Park taken.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Random Things

Well, glad 'she' finally published her 1st post... LOL! Btw, i find this picture extremely CUTEEEEYY!! Look for yourself and give opinion bout it. :]


Cute isn't it?? HEHE XD

Oh! Tonight is the EURO 2012 Final! GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH TEAMS! May the best wins.. ;) Well, goal goal GOAL TIME!!!!! :D

Final: Spain VS. Italy

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Self-pampering Weekend~


First time writing here.. Have always been updating my own personal blog but my sisters are killing me because I'm not contributing here at all..

So here goes~

This weekend is a self-pampering weekend for me as i start of the weekend with a work out in Gorgeous Gym in Bandar Puteri, a one-week trial pass. Although it is no Fitness First quality, but as the membership price is almost half of Fitness First, there's nothing to complain if you are more of a machine user.

Then on Sunday, went for a hair and scalp treatment with haircut for only RM 101!! The shop is located just beside IOI Boulevard Puchong. Reasonable price with good service =)

After the hair treatment, I went home to continue with self-facial starting with steaming, exfoliation and mosturising mask. At the end of this session, i can feel my skin clear up and brightens a little. I know i should do this every weekend for healthier skin but i'm just too lazy to =.="

So, this weekend i didn't managed to do any shopping or sight-seeing, but it was still a well-spent weekend. Happy Monday, peeps!

My new hairstyle.. Sis said looks dumb though =.=