Thursday, 27 December 2012

Watsons Music Festival 2012

First of all, Merry (late) Christmas to all! Plus, before i continue on with what happen on that day, lemme thanks my sis, Lene for getting us the Rock Zone passes to the concert. LOVE HER LOVE HER MUCH!! ^_^ And obviously thanks to Watsons Malaysia for organizing this party. 'Like' them on Facebook, alright?

Well, i guess most of you knew how awesome the party was. We got to see 3 crazy-big performers, the home-girl Mizz Nina, rapper B.o.B & the DTLA boys FAR*EAST MOVEMENT, all lived in Stadium Merdeka, KL on the 15th December. Mizz Nina did her hits like 'Summer Burning' & 'Take You', whereas B.o.B sang a few new songs from his latest album; 'Castles' & 'Strange Clouds' and their hits; 'Airplanes' & 'So Good'. FM did their thing with all their props and also sang their early hits songs, 'Girls on the Dance Floor' & 'Like a G6'. All i can say is that, all of them ROCKS the stage that night and got the audience pumping to the very end! <3

Here's some pictures we took & edited:

 Before entering: Picture Picture! :D

 Showing off our tickets. :p

 Thanks to her.. <3 HEHE

 Sweaty look? Still happy! ;D

Look at KL Tower & Petronas Twin Towers. :)

Mizz Nina doing her thing!

 They're H.O.T

 I'm somewhere in the crowd! :D

 B.o.B with his girls.... ;]

My edit: All F*M pics combined together!
Below are the clearer pics of them.. :]

They sang their new songs like 'Dirty Bass', 'Turn Up The Love' & 'Live My Life'.

Prohgress & J-Splif

Kev Nish & DJ Virman at the back

Sis Lene

Before leaving, i just gotta snap myself with this. :D

So, that's how WE rock on that day. <3 What a day it was... :]

*Pics credits goes to photographer, Choy Meng Choong & also to our friend, Pat. ;)
**Far East Movement(@fareastmovement) finally FOLLOWED me on Twitter!! *blissed* ;P

Oh, before i (or WE) completely forget, my sisters (Jo-N & Irlene) and i would love to wish EVERY LIVING BEINGS on Earth a HAPPY 2013!! (we survived, oh yeah, we survived!) :p

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Jenny From The Block Live in KL!

Peace out people!
Yes, we're late on this topic, but just got the pictures out! (sorry for such a late article)

Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. J.Lo performed live in KL on the 2nd of December. It was a drenching wet day but it was all worth it! I think all of you who went for the concert will agree.. :p So as usual, here's the pictures we took while dancing and singing loudly IN THE RAIN! :]

Tickets tickets before it all got destroyed while waiting in-line.

 Finally in the stadium.

 Performing some of her old hits like 'Jenny From the Block' & 'Love Don't Cost A Thing'...

 She slows down with her acoustic 'If You Had My Love'.

 Slide pictures of her kids & her with the song 'Until It Beats No More'.

 The ugly me. >.<

 ME! :p

 Sis Jo! :D

 Wet and drench cloths, WE STILL LOVE HER! <3

 After concert.

The 3 of us with a friend of ours from dancing class, Josh. ;)

So yea, that's it.. Not much to see from the above pictures, but i gotta say, IT'S A CRAZY FUN NIGHT! The 3 of us are proud to say that 'WE'VE SEEN YOU, JLO'!!!! XD

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