Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jonas Brothers in Malaysia!!!

HEY GUYS!!! (and gurls....)
Last Wednesday, the Jonas Brothers were in KL performing live at Stadium Negara. Malaysia was the last stop for their Asia Tour after touring Manila & Singapore. Well, we are happy to have them. (and i'm happy to have NICK!) XD

OHMAIJONASSSSS!!!! I'm still suffering from the 'after-concert' syndrome. @.@ They were exceptionally AWESOME! (Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick!!) :p They performed their hits singles like 'Burnin' Up', 'SOS', 'Lovebug', 'Paranoid' and ofcourse opening with 'When You Look Me In the Eyes'. Not to forget, they also performed their groovy new songs like 'Let's Go!' and 'Wedding Bells'.

By the way, it starts off with performance by Anna Maria (i think she was a co-star for Camp Rock??).

Anna doing her 'thing' :)

As the wait's over, finally (FINALLY) the brothers were up on stage... A long wait BUT! well you can check out the pictures for yourselves below.. HEHE ;D

Lucky shot!

Super talented Nick playing the keyboard, drum & guitar.. *melts*

Nick performing 'Wedding Bells' for the 1st time! :D I still can't believe it's for his ex, Miley?! Man, PICK ME! I LOVE YOU MORE!! XD

Nick performing his hits single from his solo album, 'Who I Am'.

Salute, salute.. GAHHHH T.T

 It dawns to me that it was over when this picture was up after the Jonasess goes backstage. (Look how cute is Nick!) <3

Thanks to my friend, i manage to snap a picture before leaving. Love her much! :)

I was lucky enough to get myself upgraded to VIP seats where i could watched them clearly. So thanks to whoever who makes it happen. ^.^ Blissful night it was..... :]

**Sorry for the over-excited feeling for Nick. He's ahmaaazinggg!! <3 Okay, i'll stop now.. AHAHAHA!

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Weekend in Taipei

What's in for me in Taipei?? It was a short getaway trip, spent the weekend there. Two days I would say it was rather short, but still I tried to make the best out it. I managed to cover places like Shihlin market ( it is the famous food night market ), Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall - famous landmark of Taipei, Martyrs Shine - to watch the change of motionless honor guards who are replaced every hour in a rifle twirling ceremony, 101 Taipei Tower - second tallest tower in the world, Wu Fen Pu - wholesale fashion markets, ladies shopping paradise, fashions and accesories from Korea, Hong Kong or Japan. This is a place you can shop til you drop. XiMenDing - shopping street with various fashion trends.The highlight of this trip for me was SHOPPING. The word for the weekend was Buy, everytime I look at the clothes, my colleagues will just say Buy...Buy til I finished my NT$.

Korean fashion are lovely and trendy, they can be quite pricey yet quality are good too. Definitely cheaper to get Korean clothes in Taipei than in Malaysia. Its half the price!!! So if you get a pants for NT$500-1000, and a dress price range NT$500-1500 are considered reasonable as you will be paying double or more here in Malaysia. In Wu Fen Pu, setback was you are not allowed to try on the clothes which stops me from buying too much as I do not want to ended up not fitting in the clothes later on.
Ximending also good for shopping and good thing is you can still bargain and try on the clothes as well. I shop for handbags, shoes and clothes. Heaven!!


NT$10 each


Next to - 101 tower, the ticket entrance was NT$450, and you get to go up to 88th and 89th floor. Great view from the top, its best to go during sunset, as you will get to see the day and night view ~ spectacular. Not to forget, I tasted one of the best pineapple cake biscuit up at the tower in Taipei and you get to buy it back as well. Got my souvenir up there - 3D 101 tower postcard for NT$100.

Besides shopping, Taipei is also famous for their local food. They have varieties as well in the night market and in the middle of the shopping street. Shop til you are hungry, Eat til you are full....Thats what i did in Taipei over the weekend. I managed to try these local food below:
Hot Star XXL chicken chop

Black pepper bun

Grilled fish paste i think - yummy

Ah Jong Mee Suah noodle at XiMending

Pork braised rice if I ordered correctly

Din Tai Fung origin from Taiwan - Siew Long Bao

Taiwan Beer - very light and easy to drink
Beef noodles, fried little fish (very crispy), fried oyster (i still prefer Malaysia version)

Frog egg drink - not sure if its really frog egg, but very refreshing though. love it.

Taiwan Bubble Tea
Fried stuff - sausages, fishballs, ham, fish cake, tauhu etc

Smelly tauhu (beancurd)- kinda like it here

All and all, i had a great time in Taipei although the days were short, my verdict, i definitely go back there again to explore more of Taipei...and this time more days and more cash to shop!! :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Product --> Handbags

Do YOU love bags? Well, WE have it!
Awesome COLORS & DESIGN that will definitely catch your ATTENTION!! This casual kind of handbag is suitable for all kind of outings: from dinner with your love ones TO shopping-til-you-drop with your compliments it all. :D

Swirl design (SOLD OUT!)

Red flowery design (SOLD OUT!)

Height: 27cm
Width: 32cm
PRICE: Only RM25!!

So, what are you waiting for?? Get 1 yourselves today by contacting any of us at our Facebook page ORDER ORDER!! ;)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mar's Personal Blog Link

Well, i'll just like to let you guys know that you could check out my own personal blog (it's been there for ages). Not much but it's ME. :)

Oh, and enjoy this NEW video clip from Justin Bieber. :p

Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj - Beauty And A Beat


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

COMMFEST 2012!!!!

*drums drumming*

Well, many of us youngster are too busy having life in the 'cyber world' (confession: ME TOO!). NOT just us, but some parents too! >.< (ok, that's to the older gen :p) Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc... How hectic is that? And not to forget, the awesome photo sharing app, Instagram!! (i love that app soooooo MUCH!) So, you can see how we kids nowadays are lack of participation in outdoor activities due to this addiction. Bad huh??

So here it goes... I (like the others) am also proud to announce that right here in Kuala Lumpur, we are gonna have CommFest 2012! And this year's theme will be SOCIAL-LYMPICS which is the First Ever Social Media Olympics in Malaysia!! (EXCITED? i know you are cos i am too. HEHE). It is sooo US TEENS RIGHT?! :)

DATE: 31st October 2012 (Wednesday)
TIME: 10am – 4pm
VENUE: Level 2, Outside the Grand Hall
Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus
TICKETS PRICING: RM10 (unlimited excess to all activities)

The main focus of this year is to highlight the importance of sports and creativity to students. Well, not to worry cos there are all kinds of activities being held JUST FOR YOU on that day. So here are some scrumptious details & sneak-peek for the upcoming event.. ;)

Experience Instagram in reality! Describe a picture with a catchy caption. The most hilarious caption wins!! :D

Facebook Wall
Facebook comes to LIFE! Paste your candy-burst explosion time guess OR just update your status on their wall. So prepare what you have to say on that day, okay? :)

Candy Burst
Brace yourselves for an explosion of CANDIES!!! (GOSH! who doesn't love candy-rain??!!) Guess the explosion time of the mammoth-sized balloon and get ready for a SURPRISE!

CONQUER your fears & UNLEASH your inner sportsmanship potential in this virtual sports challenge.

Be puzzled by this popular puzzle game when you play it with your HANDS, not your fingers!

There are also other activities like InstaClock, Photo Booth, InstaRace, Snake & Ladders, Info Booth, etc...

Poker Face much?

The Instaman of the year?? @.@

So WHAT YOU WAITING FOR????? Check out the details and get your lazy bum out there!! :p

Organized by the proPassion from the School of Communication, Taylor's University.

*Ticket inquiries, kindly visit
**For more information about CommFest 2012, please visit their Facebook page at

Hope to see you guys there!!!! ;D

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