Thursday, 24 January 2013

My super generous Durian Crepe

Durian durian durian... the king of fruit in Malaysia or perhaps some Asian countries as well. I simply love durian so much, love the smell, love the soft texture of the durian, minus the husk, love the color, and the yummy taste.

I learnt to know about durian crepe when i was shopping in Midvalley, used and still have this little booth selling durian crepe. What is Durian crepe for some of you may wonder? Well its durian with whipped cream covered with crepe. For a durian lover, you still love this because you can still taste the richness and the real durian pulp. Everything is fresh.

Well one day feeling so blue, I suddenly have the cravings for durian crepe. I decided to google for recipes and I found it..Ta daaa.... I learnt how to make my super generous durian crepe. Why i called it my super generous durian crepe? This is because I can put as much durian I want inside compared to if I were to buy the ready ones from the little booth in Midvalley. Plus its is not cheap outside, 4-5 pieces for RM10, sometimes you may not get the fresh durian crepe anymore, or little fillings inside. That is why home made is always the best... :)

Trust me, it is really simple to make.. The secret ingredients to this success durian crepe are Love and Passion. Here you go, I am sharing the recipe (adapted from Love2cook


50g flour
1 tbsp potato starch
1 egg - lightly beaten
2 tbsp fine sugar
3 tsp melted butter
40ml milk
1tsp vanilla essence
few dashes of yellow coloring

To prepare the crepe...
  1. Prepare a nonstick pan with low-medium heat. Using a soup ladle, take some batter and pour on the pan, make it round and thin. Easier if you use a smaller round pan. You can just swirl it by moving the pan a little.
  2. Cook for 1 minute maximum, or until the bottom of the crepe is cooked and turns slightly brown. Use a wooden spatula to check the sides. DO NOT FLIP OVER THE CREPE! 
  3. Gently remove the crepe and place on a baking paper or separate plates. This is to avoid the crepes to stick on each other.
  4. Make sure the browned part of the crepe is now facing upwards. The soft one is underside. 
  5. Repeat the same until done.

For the filling:
sufficient durian flesh - remove seeds
150ml fresh cream - whipped until a soft peak forms

To prepare the Durian Crepes...

  1. Use a teaspoon for this. Add 1 tsp of whipped cream in the center of the prepared crepe. 
  2. Followed by 1 tsp or more durian flesh on the cream. Now, add 1 tsp whipped cream again on the durian flesh. 
  3. Wrap the crepe by folding in opposite sides of the crepe, fully cover the filling. Then fold in the other ends. Set aside.
  4. Repeat the same for remaining crepes.
  5. These crepes are then stored in refrigerator for better taste. Or you can have it just like that! I love it cold :)
Not perfect wrap, still have some room for improvement
I can go on eating it, even my mum....

Ohya...not to forget I brought one piece over to my South African friend place, Danny, he was brave and adventurous enough to have it a shot. Respect!! You know most westerners dislike DURIANS!! Danny was really sporting enough to give it a shot, as he had tried all kinds of durians in Malaysia, thinking this might not be as bad as eating the fresh ones.. :p

The look before Danny has the crepe into his mouth, still very strong durian taste for him...kudos to him anyways..he tried it!

Well, what are you waiting for if you're a durian die hard lover and love to spend time in your kitchen, give it a try and taste for yourself.... Happy trying...


Constance Ant said...

i want!!!

it seems easy to make though!

irlene said...

It is easy to make..

Abbygail's said...

I dun mind eating these.. LOL ... yum yum

Mar-Jo-Lene Khan said...

Abbygail, if you're a big fan of durian, must trying doing it. :)
super yum!!